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The Behaviour Change Wheel

Rated 4 out of 5

A Guide To Designing Interventions


This is a practical guide to designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions and policies.

It is based on the Behaviour Change Wheel, a synthesis of 19 behaviour change frameworks that draw on a wide range of disciplines and approaches. The guide is for policy makers, practitioners, intervention designers and researchers and introduces a systematic, theory-based method, key concepts and practical tasks.

Book author(s) Susan Michie, Lou Atkins & Robert West
Book genre(s) Academic Behaviour Change
Total pages 329
ISBN-13 (Paperback) 9781912141005
ISBN-13 (Ebook) 9781912141043
ISBN-13 (PDF) 9781912141081
I bought this book for a class aimed at tackling wicked health problems. Personally, I highly valued this book and help it gave me. However, I do not like that you cannot download the e-book.

REPLY: Hi, you will have purchased a previous version of the book which is an 'Online Book' which was not downloadable. All our e-books are now downloadable and online books have been deprecated. We will be in contact directly to see if we can help. Thank you for your review.